Acne can be one of the toughest skin conditions to combat, but what many don’t know is that nature actually provides one of the best defenses we can stack up against acne breakouts. Another big misconception is that acne is a teen or adolescent problem, but as many as 20% of adults still suffer regular breakouts.

Essential oils and acne breakouts

For the millions looking for some type of acne skin solution, essential oils offer a natural remedy. The 5 best essential oils for acne are:


Lavender is a natural inhibitor of bacterial growth, including the bacteria that causes acne breakouts. Lavender is also a natural skin soother, so it helps combat the cause of the breakout while also soothing the irritated skin.

Tea Tree

Tea tree is one of the most popular acne fighting essential oils out there. Tea tree can be used regularly on acne prone skin in face serums, washes, and masks to reduce breakouts without the risk of acne bacteria growing resistant.


Frankincense for acne and skin concerns is something that has been in practice for generations. Not only will this oil help to keep acne causing bacteria at bay, it also helps to moisturize, soothe, and heal the skin, which can help prevent acne scars from forming.


Peppermint is naturally anti-bacterial, helping to curb several different strains of acne causing bacteria, while also providing a fresh and clean sensation.


For those fighting cystic acne, one of the most difficult types of acne to treat, rosemary is a commonly sought solution. The oil is often found in cystic acne treatment products, and works to stop acne with anti-microbial properties while soothing the skin with natural pain relief.

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