There are many reasons why people use essential oils, but one of the most common reasons is to improve mental health and clarity. Some of issues that can benefit from the use of essential oils include anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia and emotional exhaustion.

Using pure and natural essential oils

Essential oils have been used to treat both physical and mental illnesses for centuries. As the plant-based essential oil molecules are absorbed through the skin or inhaled, they enter the bloodstream and are carried to the brain where stimulation can occur. When used in an essential oil diffuser, or absorbed through a massage, essential oils can help people find peace in their troubled situation.

The severity of disorders can vary from person to person, and situation to situation. One thing that most sufferers have in common, however, is the way that these issues can cause a change to their daily lives and routines. Medication and other therapeutic interventions can help, but in a time when people are trying to avoid chemical solutions, essential oils offer an alternative.

Top 5 essential oils to ease your mind

Although essential oils can have slightly different effects for each person, these 5 essential oils have commonly been used to assist with issues faced when it comes to mental health:


The most popular essential oil to conquer insomnia and relieve stress, lavender also works to lift depression and alleviate panic attacks.


Works against depression and mental fatigue. Mint is also stimulating and can improve mental clarity, memory, and concentration.


Fights anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue. Bergamot can induce feelings of happiness and peace.


Combats feelings of stress, fear, and depression. Orange is uplifting and can bring about feelings of peace and confidence.


Decreases feelings of depression and beats mental fatigue. Patchouli works to fight insomnia and enhance mood.

The more you learn about essential oil use to help with mental health, the more you’ll see the variety of ways essential oils are useful for healing.



  1. hairmingo says:

    Thank you for sharing! We love essential oils and their all natural benefits. Please let us know if you find any other soothing uses that we could help spread the word on.


  2. Reem K says:

    It’s so crazy how I’m reading this post today, I just bought a humidifier last night with essential oils! I currently have Lavender, Tea Tree, and Hibiscus oils and have only tried tea tree oil so far. I first bought it to have it on when I do yoga at home, but I wasn’t aware that they treat physical and mental illness.

    Great post! and thank you for the helpful information! xx


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