Chemical-free body and skin care are creating a self-care revolution. More and more often folks are setting out to find alternatives to their former chemical laden favorites, and reaping the benefits of making the switch.

If you are looking for reasons to try out plant-powered products and aromatherapy for natural beauty, consider these benefits:

Environmentally conscious

The manufacturing of synthetic chemical products can put quite a bit of pollution into the air and water, even before it touches your skin, damaging the Earth we all share.

Get rid of irritation

Skin care should feel good, not itchy, or irritating. The chemical compounds found in synthetic products were not meant to be absorbed by the skin, and the skin may revolt against these compounds by showing signs of irritation. Synthetic fragrances used to cover smells in synthetic products may work in much the same way, resulting in headaches for many. Aromatherapy works with natural scents, and allows you to enjoy the fragrances of nature.

A gentle experience

Over time, even if synthetic products don’t bother you at first, they can begin to take a toll on the skin. By using natural products, you can be rest assured that you’re not causing a buildup of synthetic chemicals being absorbed into the body.

More bang for your buck

Natural products will often require less than synthetic products, as each bit of product is packed with the benefits from nature, rather than a menagerie of different chemical compounds and filler. The result is longer lasting body care products that give you better value.

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