Lip balm is a staple in purses and pockets everywhere. Natural lip balm helps to soothe, comfort and replenish the delicate skin of the lips, skin that we rely on so often throughout the day and often give little thought to until we’re facing damage.

But did you know that there are plenty more uses for your favorite tubes of lip balm? Here are 5 novel uses:

Give dull skin some shine

If your skin is feeling dull and lifeless after a long day, you may have the fix right in your purse already. Dabbing a little bit of lip balm along the cheekbones works similarly to a highlighter, but it provides you with a natural dewy glow that is built to last.

Minimize fine lines around the eye

As long as you’re not using a minty balm, which can irritate the eyes, you can dab a little bit of lip balm around the eye to minimize fine lines and provide protection and moisture all in one simple step.

Relief during a cold

When you have a cold, and you’re repeatedly blowing your nose, you may find that the skin under your nose and on the sides takes a real beating. This dry and chapped area can be uncomfortable and painful, and your best defense could be your favorite tube of lip balm. With clean hands, use your fingertips to apply the product in small dabs on the dry and irritated area.

Cuticle moisturizer

Your favorite natural lip balm can also help to give your manicure some serious staying power. Before bed, take a natural lip balm and apply to the cuticle areas around the nail. When you wake in the morning, you’ll be left with refreshed and healthy cuticles.

Tame eyebrows

Left your favorite eyebrow gel at home? Your lip balm will work just fine! With a clean finger, apply the lip balm in the direction of hair growth to each eyebrow, and pass over with a spoolie brush to finish off the look.


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