Yoga is an amazing way to workout. We love it because it not only takes care of your body, but it promotes mindfulness and helps you relax and renew. However, because it is a workout, our yoga mats can get pretty beat up. Between picking up dirt and dust off the floor and collecting sweat, they can become very dirty, very quickly. This is why it’s important to make cleaning your yoga mat with a yogamat spray, part of every workout.

What is yoga mat spray?

Yoga mat spray is specifically formulated to help remove the dirt and sweat from your yoga mat, and to penetrate the fibers with antimicrobial agents to help prevent the build up of germs and mold that can cause odors or spread disease. Yoga mat cleaners come in a wide variety of options, but there are some things you should always look for when choosing your yoga mat cleaner:

  • Is it made with all-natural ingredients? Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice, so you don’t want harmful chemicals interfering with your health and mindfulness.
  • Is it easy to use? We love using sprays because they fit in your workout bag, meaning you never forget them, and are ready-mixed making them easy and convenient to use.

We also like using cleaners infused with essential oils, these not only harness the cleaning power of nature, but also help give your workout an aromatherapy boost.

How to choose the right yoga mat cleaner

Although you can find plenty of options online, when you really look at the ingredients of the most popular yoga mat sprays, they are not always truly natural.

The best yoga mat cleaner needs to be convenient. There’s no point buying a cleaner that you keep forgetting to use or often end up skipping because you are in a rush or tired. Choose one that is compact, so it fits right in your bag with your other workout equipment and is always there at the end of each workout.

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