Simple act of kindness


Our Facebook group, Lead with a deed, is dedicated to sharing stories of acts of kindness.

A few years ago I had started a new job and noticed a woman in my office that always looked so sad.  My co-workers had shown her very little regard as a person and she was silently pushed aside from the daily office conversations.

I saw her in the lunchroom one day sitting alone while the rest of the lunch timers all sat together talking.  I sat next to her from then on every day.

She told me 2 years later that the first day I sat with her she was feeling so sad and contemplated committing suicide.  Befriending her that day changed her mindset from suicide to hope and happiness.

A simple act of kindness does make a difference in someone’s life.  I would love to hear your stories on experiences with showing kindness.  Share with us on Lead with a deed or even here in the blog.

The more people see how much kindness does influence a life the more we can support others to go out of their way to be kind.

As the owner of Hairmingo, I personally thank all who have shown others kindness and love!

Hairmingo Tami

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