3 Random chics in Chicago saved my life

I want to share with you a personal story about a random act of kindness that literally saved my life 21 years ago.  It is a bit long but it’s worth the read!

I out on a date with a new boyfriend and our genus teenage selves decided to go to a rave in the inner city.  Clearly, not a good idea.  I had never been to a rave, so it seemed like a fun idea.  We hit the road, parked in a sketchy lot, and went into the rave.

The stand-up guy I was with went off dancing and left me alone within the first 5 minutes.  I’m now standing in this windowless box filled with hundreds of really whacked out people.  The lights were flashing so hard I couldn’t see more than a foot or so in front of me.  As guy after guy tried to get me to dance or try some drug, I finally managed to find the jerk I was with.  I was so pissed he threw me to wolves and being scared I said I wanted to leave.

He looked at me, laughed in my face, and took off again.  I left the rave, stood in a blacked out parking lot, alone and thankful I had a cell phone.  I phoned a friend and proceeded to sit on a bench by the street, waiting for my ride to come.

I watched as 3 pretty tough, city chics were walking towards me.  Then out of nowhere, a car full of 5 dudes in a car slammed on their breaks right in front of me.  Two of the guys jumped out, grabbed me, and started fighting me into the car.  Those 3 girls ran over, grabbed me back from the guys, and started throwing punches at them.  No joke!  The guys took off as I laid on the sidewalk, realizing these girls just saved my life.  They sat with me on that bench for 45 min until my ride showed up.  They saved me, and then they protected me until I was safe.

I never saw them again, but I will never forget them.

Where ever you are out there ladies I am forever grateful to you.




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