How to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape

One of the easiest ways to change your look is switching how you part your hair. While many of us find a natural part and stick with it for years, have you ever wondered if that style is really the most flattering for your face-shape? Experimenting with a fresh comb-created angle will give you a chance to find the ideal balance to highlight your features. But the best part? It’s an instantly gratifying transformation! To help point you in the right direction, we spoke with stylist James Williams (who has worked with Kyra Sedgwick), of the Canale Salon in Beverly Hills about the art of finding the perfect part.

How To Part Your Hair: Heart-Shaped Part


“Heart-shaped faces tend to be wider in the cheeks,” says James. “A middle part complements this shape, but only if you have long hair. If you have short hair or too many layers around the face, it can have the reverse effect.” That’s because the cropped fringe will bring the focus to the wider area of your face. “A side part will also work by allowing hair to covering the larger forehead and cheek area and make the face look thinner,” suggests James.

How To Part Your Hair: Circle-Shaped Part


“Use a deep side part to showcase your strongest side,” says James. Don’t know which side is your best? Use a blank piece of paper to cover half of you face while looking in a mirror. Then switch sides. Whichever half you prefer the most wins! “Round faces need a curtain of hair to lengthen the shape and balance the features,” says James.

How To Part Your Hair: Square-Shaped Part


“A deep side part will soften the forehead and jaw line,” says James. The long layers create a rounded oval by falling diagonally across the face and hiding harsher angles. The ideal place to start your deep part is directly above the arch in your eyebrows.

How To Part Your Hair: Oval-Shaped Part


“People with oval faces have it the easiest! They can pull off any part, any side, any way, on any style,” says James. So why not try them all? Experiment with sides and angles for a mini makeover each day! Or try creating a youthful zigzag part.



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