We’ve all had those manic mornings where nothing seems to go right, haven’t we? You sleep through your alarm, you can’t figure out what to wear to work, and your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate. Despite our greatest efforts to hide evidence of our frantic morning shuffle, sometimes it still peeks through when we walk through the door with a disheveled hairdo — until now. While your typical messy bun is a standard weekend uniform, the workday requires something a bit more polished.

Cue: the sleek and sophisticated wrap bun. Easy enough to complete in seconds, yet just polished enough to give off the impression that you have yourself together, this hairstyle should be your new go-to for mornings when you’re trying to beat the clock.

How to Create a Sleek Wrap Bun

STEP 1: Brush out your hair so it’s smooth and easy to style and free of knots and tangles.

STEP 2: Flip hair upside down and pull it into a high ponytail at the top of the head. Secure with an elastic hair tie and smooth out any bumps or strays with a brush. To keep flyaways at bay, use a stronghold hairspray to lock it all in. We like L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Strong Hairspray.

STEP 3: Twisting the pony, begin wrapping it into a bun around the base where the elastic sits. Secure the style in place using bobby pins.

STEP 4: To set the style and ensure your hard work doesn’t come loose, give your hairstyle a spritz with hairspray once more.


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