overnight hairstyle hacks

There’s no greater struggle than having to compose a hairstyle in the morning — especially after snoozing your alarm a shameful number of times and then realizing you have to be out the door ASAP. The good news is that there’s a very efficient way to solve this problem, and it starts right before you go to bed. Ahead, discover five overnight hairstyle hacks from some of our favorite beauty vloggers to help you get yourself out the door faster than you ever imagined.

For Medium-Length Hair

Overnight sock curls are officially a thing and we promise it’s worth testing out. Hair and beauty vlogger Lysss Ryan created the look in the following steps:

STEP 1: Split your hair into two sections and out of those sections, split them into two more. In total, you should have four sections.

STEP 2: Take your first sock and wrap your hair around it, rolling it upwards towards the top of your head.

STEP 3: Tie your hair into a knot. Tie it as tightly as possible and consider bobby pinning the sock if it begins to fall loose.

STEP 4: Repeat the same process with the next three sections.

STEP 5: In the morning, gently roll the socks of your hair.

Optional: Add dry shampoo to your roots to add some volume and rub a small amount of styling cream through the curls.

For Short, Natural Hair

Hair vlogger Jaleesa Moses shares how she wears her natural hair by sleeping in four simple bantu knots:

STEP 1: Split hair into two sections and then split them into two sections again. Secure each section with a hair elastic.

STEP 2: For the two front sections, twist your hair towards the back of your head as high up as possible twisting around the base.

STEP 3: Keep twisting until you can create a mini bun and then tuck the ends very securely.

STEP 4: Secure the knot with a hair elastic. Repeat with the second front hair section.

STEP 5: In the back, bring your hair high up and twist facing towards the front of your head.

STEP 6: Repeat the same process as the front pieces and then secure.

STEP 7: Use a stocking or silk scarf to protect your hair while you sleep.

STEP 8: In the morning, carefully untwist the four knots. Take a comb and tease your hair, paying the most attention to the back of your hair. Finish with hairspray.



For Medium-Length Thin and Thick Hair


Using a normal fabric headband you can create soft, pretty waves overnight. Mimi from Luxy Hair demonstrates the process:

STEP 1: Split your hair into two sections and place two headbands (to keep hairstyle secure) over the top of your hair. If a bump occurs, pull your hair down to ensure that it’s flat.

STEP 2: Spray the area below the headband with a bottle of water to make your hair damp.

STEP 3: Twist the first section of your hair and then wrap this section around the headband – starting behind your ear.

STEP 4: Repeat the same process for the second section of your hair.

STEP 5: Spray the back, wrapped portion of your hair with hairspray before bed.

STEP 6: In the morning, slowly unwrap the two sections, with the headband on. Take the headband off after the curls are out.

STEP 7: Style curls by scrunching waves with a small amount of texturizing cream.


For Long, Thin Hair

Hair donuts can be used for more than just perfectly shaped hair buns. Hair vlogger Nee from Bebexo demonstrates how to sleep on a hair donut (or a DIY one using a sock, of course) for voluminous morning curls:

STEP 1: Tie your dry hair into a high ponytail, situating it right above your head.

STEP 2: Using a hair donut or a sock, put your ponytail through the hole as if it were a hair elastic.

STEP 3: Divide your hair into two equal sections (or three or more for more volume).

STEP 4: Put your thumb and index finger through the top of the hole and pull the first section through.

STEP 5: Then repeat the same steps until all of your hair is wrapped around the donut.

STEP 6: Repeat with all of the same sections.

STEP 7:When you get to the tip of the hair, just tuck it under the sock bun.

STEP 8: In the morning, gently unravel the sock and carefully take out the hair elastic.

STEP 9: Apply your favorite hairspray to finish.

For Long, Thick Hair

Here’s how beauty vlogger Vivian V creates a wavy hair look with a twist braid style that is actually cute enough to wear outside of your bedroom:

STEP 1: Starting with slightly damp hair, split your hair into two sections.

STEP 2:Starting with the front layer of your hair, twist one section of hair over the other. After you’ve twisted one section of hair over the other, add more hair to one section and twist it over.

STEP 3: Keep repeating this process until you reach the base of your neck. Make sure you get all of the hair from the back of your head to complete the braid on one side.

STEP 4: When there aren’t any layers left to add, twist the braid into a bun and secure with a hair elastic. Be sure that the bun is very night.

STEP 5: Repeat the same steps for the second section of hair.

STEP 6: The next morning, gently take the twist braids out and use your hands to separate the waves.



TSA-Approved Beauty Products

Passing through airport security can be a nightmare—especially if you accidentally packed a full-size bottle of liquid, gel or aerosol in your carry-on bag. To ensure passenger safety, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enforces strict regulations on which beauty products you can and can’t bring onboard. Their packing protocol is easy to follow if you remember these carry-on guidelines:

  1. You’re allowed to pack individual 3.4 ounce containers of liquids, gels and aerosols.
  2. All toiletries must be placed in one clear quart-size, zip-top bag—one per passenger.
  3. You must declare medically necessary liquids, such as breast milk, baby formula, and insulin to a security officer prior to boarding. You are allowed to bring more than 3.4 ounces, but it must be in a reasonable quantity.
  4. While technically allowed on the plane, never apply nail polish during your flight! It’s inconsiderate and dangerous to other passengers.
  5. If you’re not sure about a product, don’t pack it! Better to leave it at home than have it confiscated.

If you’re still unsure on what to pack, try these five airplane-ready products and stay stress-free in the security line!

Chemist Confessions Travel Buddy Moisturizing Mini Kit, $35

This four piece travel kit delivers mini moisturizing solutions great for all skin types. Complete with skin-quenching water gel, multipurpose balm, lightweight moisturizer and glow-inducing oil, the Chemist Confessions Travel Buddy Kit provides a TSA-friendly way to prep your complexion for any destination’s climate.

Mahalo Skin Care The UNVEIL Cleanser Melt Concentrate, $70

Weighing in at only 1.7 ounces, this small but mighty cleanser provides the perfect first step in any travel beauty routine. Formulated with antioxidant-rich enzymes, biocompatible oils and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, UNVEIL starts as a balm then emulsifies into a cleansing milk that melts away makeup without stripping skin of moisture or clogging pores.

Klorane Fig Leaf Body Lotion with Cupuaçu Butter , $9

Be sure to bring a fragrant and hydrating body lotion with you on your next trip! Formulated for all skin types, Klorane Fig Leaf Body Lotion quickly absorbs into the skin for lightweight nourishment that helps maintain the natural lipidic barrier. This ultra-hydrating cream also delivers a sweet, fruity fragrance that doubles as a refreshing body scent—so feel free to leave your perfume at home.

COOLA Classic Sport Organic Suncare Travel Set , $40

Complete with four of COOLA’s most water-resistant, organic formulas, Classic Sport Organic Suncare Travel Set nourishes, restores and protects skin. Formulated with beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter, this 70%+ Certified Organic kit also features a cute and compact pouch that fits into any carry-on—and beach tote!

R+Co Time Travel Set , $39

Keeping your hair camera-ready on vacation just became possible with the Time Travel Set. This well-rounded collection comes with travel-friendly versions of R+Co’s best-selling hair products, including Television Perfect Hair shampoo and conditioner, Death Valley Dry Shampoo, and High Dive Moisture + Shine Crème. So, take as many vacation photos as you can until you run out of storage.



How to color hair at home

Trying to fit regular salon visits into a hectic schedule isn’t always realistic—which makes some of us shy away from experimenting with hair color. But you can take matters into your own hands these days! The latest at-home color products have less harmful ingredients than they once did, and are relatively quick and easy to use. In fact, the trickiest part is figuring out which shade is best for you (hint: you only want to go 1–2 shades lighter or darker; check out our guide to picking a color here!). Once you’ve nailed down your color choice, the rest is easy! We turned to Vidal Sassoon Pro Series experts to lay out as many tips, tricks, and all the steps you need to achieve salon-worthy color, all in the comfort of your own bathroom.

You Will Need

• at-home hair color kit; we used Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Permanent At-Home Color Kit in 5G Medium Golden Brown, which comes with gloves, VS PrecisionMix Permanent Color Crème, VS PrecisionMix Developer Crème, and VS HydraBlock Color Preserving Conditioner.
• clock or timer
• button-down shirt
• old towels
• large tooth comb
• petroleum jelly
• hand mirror
• plastic clips
• small plastic bowl
• aluminum foil
• white paper or paper towel 

Part 1: Prep

For best results, don’t wash hair prior to coloring. When your hair isn’t freshly washed, your scalp creates a protective barrier that helps reduce the chance of irritation. We suggest wearing a comfortable button-down shirt, preferably one that you’re not attached to, in case of any dye misfires.

Part 2: Strand Test

Before you commit to a color on your whole head, it’s best to test it out on an inconspicuous strand. Here’s how.

1: Unscrew the VS PrecisionMix Permanent Color Crème cap. Next, unscrew the entire VS PrecisionMix Developer Crème cap (don’t pull off the tab just yet).

2: Mix small equal parts of each into a plastic bowl.

3: Tightly recap both bottle and tube.

4: Pull a strand of hair from behind your ear and apply the desired color from the roots down through the hair shaft.

5: Wrap the strand in foil to keep the dye off the rest of your hair, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Check on it throughout to note its progress. Depending on your texture, you may decide to slightly alter the amount of time you leave the color on. 

6: Rinse and dry the strand. Hold a piece of white paper towel or paper towel as a background, to note the end result (the white helps you really see how the color came out). If you’re pleased with the shade, you’re ready to do the rest of your hair.

Part 3: All-Over Color

1: Rub petroleum jelly around the hairline to protect skin from staining. If any dye does get on your skin, quickly wipe it away with a facial wipe.

2: Put on the included gloves, take the tab off the VS PrecisionMix Developer Crème applicator, and unscrew the bottle cap. Add the VS PrecisionMix Permanent Color Crème to the VS PrecisionMix Developer Crème applicator bottle.

3: Place gloved finger over the applicator tip, point it away from your face, and shake well—a minimum of 20 seconds—until thoroughly mixed.

4: Using your clips, divide hair into two to four sections, depending on the length and thickness.

5: Immediately apply color to your hair. Start with one section and continue until you get all sections done. Generally, you should start at the roots and move down the hair shaft (this is especially important if you have any grey hair to cover). If you’re going lighter (rather than darker), and don’t have any greys to cover, apply color to the mid-lengths and ends first, and then work up to the roots.

6: Leave the color on for about 30 minutes, or the time indicated by your strand test. 

7: Toss any leftover mixture.

8: Once the time’s up, rinse hair thoroughly in warm water until water runs clean, without any bubbles from the color formula.

9: Gently towel dry your hair and use a large tooth comb to get out any tangles.

10: Slather on about a quarter-size amount of included conditioner. Be sure to coat hair all over and leave it on for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

11: Save the leftover conditioner so you can continue to use in the coming weeks. Use it once a week in place of your usual conditioner. 

12: Blow-dry hair and style to your liking!

Note: if you feel that the color is too dark after it’s completely dry, re-shampoo your hair to ensure that you’ve removed all of the color product and conditioner.

Maintenance Tips

Generally, color fades due to two factors: the condition of your hair or excessive shampooing. The minerals in water can potentially have a negative impact on the longevity of your color. So don’t shampoo every single day. Go for every other day or, if you can, every third day. Also, use a color-care conditioner—not only does it keep the color in longer, but it also improves hair quality and health, too!

This story was sponsored by Vidal Sassoon Pro Series



40 Extra Ways to Use Your Blow Dryer

What you are about to read will change the way you look at your blow dryer forever.

Hair dryers are known for transforming wet locks into perfect blowouts, but you might not be aware of the forty other uses of this versatile hot tool. Here’s how you can get the most out of your blow dryer:


1. Use to dry wet polish.
2. Dry damp makeup brushes, beauty blenders, body brushes and loofahs for instant use.
3. Use to enhance the absorption of deep conditioning hair treatments. Apply a mask or oil to hair, cover with a shower cap, then slightly lift the sides to fill the bonnet with heat for a DIY steaming effect.
4. Same goes for deep conditioning hand treatments! Simply apply a nourishing lotion and plastic gloves, then add heat for softer skin.
5. To prevent clumping, dry wet mascara quickly and thoroughly before you apply that second coat.
6. Heat your eyelash curler for a long-lasting lash lift.
7. Use to dry facial oils, moisturizer and self-tanners.
8. Slightly dry eyelash glue before application of falsies.
9. Create windblown hair for Beyoncé-inspired selfies and videos.
10. Dry super liquid-y foundations for buildable coverage.
11. Use to remove excess powder or eyeshadow from your face and blow away fall-out from your clothes.
12. Warm up hard pencil liners, so color glides on smoothly and smudges easily when creating smoky looks.
13. Revive second-day curls by applying a curl-activating cream and then using your diffuser on cool setting.
14. Dry your armpits after gel deodorant application to avoid clothing stains.
15. Use to air-out strong perfume from clothes.
16. Dry the inside of your ears after swimming or showering.
17. Dry your face on a low, cool setting after washing sensitive or acne-prone skin to avoid irritation from abrasive towels.
18. Dry wet or damp toiletries, like your toothbrush and face cloth, when traveling.


19. Remove creases in your sneakers. Apply heat to the outside of your shoe and gently mold with your hand to reshape.
20. Warm up cold necklaces and bracelets before wearing.
21. Quickly dry wet socks and gloves.
22. Remove wrinkles from clothing by lightly spritzing with water and blow drying with high heat.
23. Stretch out tight leather shoes. Simply wear snug shoes or heels with socks and apply heat to widen.


24. Clean off dust from your laptop keyboard using a cool setting.
25. Use as a body heater.
26. Use the cool setting for an A/C effect.
27. Dry small paint touch-ups on walls, cabinets or cars.
28. Warm seats and beds for extra coziness.
29. Defrost foggy windows and mirrors.
30. Use to quicken the diffusion rate of room air freshener.
31. Blow dust bunnies out from their hiding places for clean floors.
32. Dry caulking.
33. Defrost ice cream for easier scooping.
34. Reheat pizza without making it soggy. Simply place your slice on a paper plate and heat from underneath.
35. Heat up crayon marks on walls to slightly melt, making them easier to remove.
36. Dry handwritten ink to prevent smudges.
37. Create white noise to block out sound or when having private conversations.
38. Use heat to loosen stickers, price tags, and Band-Aids for easier removal.
39. Dry wet kitchenware if you don’t have a dishwasher. Place plates, bowls, cutlery, etc. on a drying rack and blow dry until spotless.
40. Last but not least, a blow dryer can be the perfect present! Gift the multi-use hot tool with a print-out of this list so your friends and family can enjoy all of the benefits!



4 Ways to Get a Toned Body Without Breaking a Sweat

If you’re reading this, you probably resolved to make health a habit this year, like yours truly. In a perfect world, I’d be on my way to the gym right now, instead of writing an article about how to get fit without physical exertion. But this is real life.

And the reality is, things go a little haywire in January. Work starts up again, there are leftover holiday treats inside your building, there are tempting food-trucks outside of your office. And by the time you get home, post-holiday exhaustion sets in, so you take solace in good ol’ Netflix. I may or may not know exactly how you feel.

All joking aside, I’ve cracked the code on how you can tone up in less than fifteen minutes a day without any visits to Planet Fitness. Why wait to break out the sleeveless dress or short-shorts until you’ve reached your “fitness goals”? Here are four ways to instantly sculpt yourself, so you can confidently rock the body you have right now.

Brush it off

Let’s talk about dimples. Not the adorable facial feature, but its not-so-cute step sister residing in the southern region of our bodies. Cellulite affects all women regardless of weight, and unfortunately, lumpy looks can intensify with age. The good news: diminishing the look of dimply skin is possible. The great news: All you need is a body brush and about six minutes.

Before showering, simply sweep a densely bristled brush over your body, paying special attention to your trouble spots. Start by firmly brushing your feet, stroking upwards toward your heart to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Dry brushing not only boosts blood circulation to break up fat deposits, but also exfoliates away dead skin cells revealing a smoother, firmer physique. I like how the Mila Moursi Rejuvenating Dry Body Brush ($49) features sturdy boar bristles within a hand held design, so I can brush with precision and ease.

Contour from the neck down

If you think getting a sculpted body takes months of consistent exercise, you’re totally right. True fitness doesn’t happen overnight, but appearing more toned and feeling confident in yourself can happen in as little as fifteen minutes. I recently came across Caudalie’s two-step body contouring regimen, which consists of shower exfoliation and dry oil application for an buffed, polished look.

The magic begins with a quick exfoliating session featuring the Crushed Cabernet Scrub ($38). In the shower, massage the grapeseed infused formula onto your body using circular motions to stimulate lymphatic drainage, awaken blood flow, and perk up trouble spots. After rinsing, step out of the shower, apply the Contouring Concentrate ($35) onto damp skin and let dry. The concentrate’s 100% plant-based formula hydrates and firms skin with a light-reflecting sheen for a full-body contour effect.

Shape up Brazilian style

If getting a beach bod is your main resolution for 2019, pick up a jar of Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($20). When circularly massaged onto legs, tummy, arms and booty, this caramel-scented miracle worker softens, tightens and restores elasticity for a bikini-ready physique sans sarong. The secret? It’s formulated with caffeine-rich guaraná and moisturizing cupuaçu butter to immediately invigorate blood circulation and firm up the flesh—kind of like a cardio circuit but with added hydration. Similar to the age-defying effects of exercise, Bum Bum Cream also keeps skin youthful with antioxidant and selenium-infused ingredients, including skin-plumping açaí oil and Brazil nuts. So, the next time you skip leg day, Sol De Janeiro has your back.

Strut your stuff

I’d like to re-name this product the 5-Minute Celebrity Transformation. Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body ($65) bathes your features in a warm, shimmery glow that replicates the celeb-style radiance you see on the red carpet. Infused with caffeine, menthol, and FermiProtect (an extract of wild shiitake mushrooms), the champagne-colored formula reduces puffiness, stimulates microcirculation, and preserves collagen fibers. I love how this silky illuminator absorbs onto my skin. It creates a luminescent look that plays with shadow and light to smooth, sculpt and lengthen my limbs. Simply roll on, blend, and confidently strut down life’s runway.