What’s a Mingolite?

Hairmingo is a network of beauty professionals that are part of our amazing new way to attract new local clientele.

Our family of professionals are the Mingolites!


Our Mingolites are the hardworking stylists and beauty professionals that help make us the beautiful, confident people we are today.

Joining Hairmingo will list you in our exclusive directory that profiles you in a manner that drives clientele in a personality compatible way.  What do we do?  We provide you clients that become long-term, loyal customers.

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We will not ask you for any credit card info.


How to find a local stylist

85% of your clients are searching for you online.

If they don’t see you, they won’t find you!


All my friends and family are always asking for a beauty professional referral.  That’s why I started Hairmingo!

Our directory is exclusive to beauty professionals.  We showcase you to your local clientele that is searching everywhere for you.


Our ratings & reviews are validated to ensure your reputation is never tainted.

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