A courageous story of inspiration


Hi Friends!

I am the proud owner of Hairmingo!  Thank you for all that have shown interest and liked my posts:)  I appreciate every one of you and hope you have found some inspiration in my blog and FB posts.

I’m just a woman in my 30’s that was greatly inspired by a local hairdresser one day.  The inspiration was so vast that it prompted me to open Hairmingo.

Courageous move?  Yes!  I quit a high paying marketing job with the purpose of driving business to an industry I feel deserves it most.  YEAP…the beauty industry!  Please check out Hairmingo.com and let me know if you feel I’m accomplishing that goal.

Beauty professionals are literally the most talented, kind, humble individuals I have ever met.  Thank you for all you do and for the many ways you help our lives!  My mission is to give back to you all through Hairmingo.com.

One woman, rock the world with me!


Hairmingo is a women-owned and operated company started by a single mom in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Her goal was to use her computer coding & marketing skills to drive a consistently high level of new clientele that remain loyal clients for local beauty professionals.

She wants to make a difference for all the extremely talented and hard-working individuals in the beauty industry.  Will you check out Hairmingo.com and let her know how to enhance her mission and provide the best possible marketing to beauty professionals across the nation?

Together, we can rock the world!