Beauty Q&A: How Do I Apply Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Extensions?

Cat-eye devotees understand how important liquid eyeliner is to one’s makeup routine. If you identify with this sentiment, then you probably have at least five liquid liners in your makeup collection at all times, and it’s the part of your routine you just hate to go without. If you also have eyelash extensions, you might find your life to be particularly difficult and maybe even messy. Because there’s nothing worse than destroying your expensive extensions, we reached out to lash expert Skyy Hadley and a few of our favorite beauty influencers for advice.

Makeup Tip #1: Avoid Waterproof Liners

“First rule is no waterproof liquid eyeliner,” says Hadley. “Smudge-proof and budge-proof eye makeup is generally bad news for lash extensions. This includes water-resistant or waterproof liquid liner. A liquid liner may seem innocent enough, but its long-wearing formula will require rubbing or repeatedly touching your lashes to remove it, all of which will shorten your extensions.” Instead, she suggests using a powder liner or an oil-free formula. Our oil-free formula of choice is Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.


Makeup Tip #2: Less Is More

“When wearing lash extensions, it’s important to remember that less is more! Avoid long-lasting formulas, which may require more rubbing when removing, Wearers should be careful when using eyeliner, because if removed improperly it can cause buildup around the lashes,” explains Ashley Hall.

Makeup Tip #3: Apply Gently

“Be careful to not run the eyeliner too hard against lashes, or they could loosen and fall out,” says Julia Salvia. Use a formula that easily glides on without pressing too hard, like IT Cosmetics Superhero Liner.


Makeup Tip #4: Don’t Tug on Your Eye

“If you’re used to tugging at your eyelid in order to put on eyeliner, try to break that habit ASAP,” says Miranda Mendelson. “Be sure you’re applying the liner around the extensions and not through them, and remember that you might not need as much as you’re used to since the extensions will already create the illusion of a darker lash line.”

Makeup Tip #5: Consider Replacing Your Eyeliner With Eyeshadow

“I would recommend using an eyeshadow to line the eye rather than a traditional eyeliner when wearing lash extensions,” says Madison Murrell. “Wet the shadow before using to make the product stick to the lash line longer. Using a gel or liquid liner is harder to remove than an eyeshadow. Swiping back and forth on the lash line to remove will cause friction on the lash extension, which will cause them to fall off. One easy swipe and the eyeshadow that you used in place of liner will be gone, and you will be left with more lashes!” Heidi Guttenberg agrees: “This is a great alternative and if done with super pigmented product, it can look almost the same as any other eyeliner.”




6 Winged Eyeliner Hacks That Will Help You Master the Look

Mastering winged eyeliner is no easy feat, but like many other skills and crafts, practice makes perfect. With the right technique and good product choices, winged eyeliner becomes much less daunting — and even more fun and easy. Ahead, we rounded up six simple hacks that will help your cat-eye woes disappear and make your overall winged-eyeliner game a whole lot better.

Cat-Eye Liner Trick #1: Start With a Pencil Product

Are you more comfortable with eyeliner pencil than liquid or gel liner? This tricks is for you. Instead of going straight to town with the ever-daunting liquid liner, try outlining the shape of your wing with a pencil eyeliner. Then, trace the shape with a thin liquid eyeliner like L’Oréal Infallible The Super Slim By Infallible Black.

Cat-Eye Liner Trick #2: Use a Stencil 

If you’re trouble is drawing an even, smooth line with your eyeliner, try using a stencil. The  L’Oréal Paris Flash Cat Eyeliner has a built-in stencil that comes with the felt-tip liner. To use it, you line up the cat-eye guide with your eyelid and fill in with the product for a sharp, precise cat-eye shape.

Cat-Eye Liner Trick #3: Forgo the Liner and Use Stickers Instead

For those who feel they are totally hopeless when it comes to eyeliner — no if, ands or buts — try cat-eye sticks. Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga just came out with an Eye Armor Kit that includes liquid liner and wingtip stickers.

Cat-Eye Liner Trick #4: Try the Classic Tape Trick

This is a classic, no-fail trick. Simply place a piece of tape angled outward at the corner of your eye, and follow the line. The rest is history.

Cat-Eye Liner Trick #5: Draw the Flick Backwards

Instead of trying to make the point of the flick on your winged eyeliner meet the spot you want it to end, try starting at the end and following the shape in toward your nose instead.

Cat-Eye Liner Trick #6: Connect the Dots

You never knew a simple game of Connect-the-Dots would become so handy, did you? If steady, straight lines aren’t your thing, try drawing tiny dots along your upper lash line and connecting them for a smooth cat-eye finish.





Ace Your Next Interview with These 3 Easy Makeup and Hair Looks

It’s the day before your job interview. You’ve researched the company, printed out your resumes, and prepped answers to tricky questions—so now let’s decide what to do with your hair and makeup.

Showing up looking confident and put together makes for a lasting first impression, so it’s best to plan your look ahead of time. You don’t want to feel frazzled creating complicated hairstyles or makeup on the day of your interview—this is not the time to try out that intricate braided updo you saw on Pinterest!

Even if you’re reading this just hours before the big moment, these three stress-free looks will have you ready in no time so you can put your best face forward.

Look #1: Sleek Pony, Glossy Lips


A slicked back ponytail will eliminate the chance of runaway strands distracting your interviewer (and yourself!). Just part your hair, brush it back and secure with the band of your choice—feel free to show a little pizzazz with a bow or scarf-like ponytail holder. Add a little hair oil to seal your ends and a spritz of hairspray to keep flyaways in place for effortlessly classy hair.


It’s best to err on the side of minimal when it comes to interview makeup. For this look, pair your pony with lightweight foundationrosy-hued blush and a coat of volumizing mascara for 360° definition. Finish off with a mauve-pink gloss for a pop of color that pulls the look together.

Look #2: Cute Chignon & Crisp Cat Eye


This quick and easy chignon will have you looking chic without taking up the extra time you need to review your notes. Part your hair, leaving out bangs or short tendrils, and gather the remaining hair into a ponytail at the center back of your head. Twist your strands into a circular bun around your elastic and secure with bobby pins. Fluff out your bun for a more voluminous look. Finish by wrapping your bangs around a curling wand to create loose spirals great for softly framing your face.


Let your peepers do the talking with a confident cat eye that says, “I can handle anything.” Line your top lid with brown liquid liner, and wing out slightly for delicate yet determined eyes. Add a lash lifting mascarapeachy-pink blush and a neutral matte lipstick for a makeup look that means business.

Look #3: Silky Waves, Strong Brow


Make your hair shine as bright as your glowing recommendations with this simple, silky style. First, create defined ringlets with your trusty curling wand, and then comb out to loosen the tight tendrils. Finish off with a shine-inducing spray, preferably formulated with argan oil for a glossy touch that illuminates your strands.


By “strong brows,” I don’t mean the painted on kind that make you look surprised throughout the whole interview. Instead, go for clean arches that frame your eyes without shocking the hiring manager. Keep your face makeup natural with just a touch of bronzerbarely-there mascara and tinted lip balm. For your brows, turn up the volume with a tinted gel for instantly fuller strands that stay in place. Want added definition? Lightly trace your arches with a brow wax and angled brush for shapely brows that’ll give you the extra confidence you need to nail your interview.