5 Treatments for a Healthier Scalp

You’ve heard it hundreds of times, but we’ll say it again: Healthy scalps promote healthy hair. Often neglected, scalps crave deep moisture, nourishment, and cleansing just like our strands. Whether you wash your hair everyday or once a week, scalp skin is highly susceptible to irritation from a number of triggers, including stress, travel, styling products, and environmental factors. Red, itchy, and flaky scalps increase skin sensitivity and can become painful if ignored. We’ve gathered the five most effective treatments for all scalp concerns, so you can give your skin the proper TLC it needs!

[Photo: ©Juri Pozzi / Stocksy United]

For color-treated hair

Oribe Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment

This weightless serum gently melts into your scalp for gentle exfoliation after your shower or on the go. The precise, transparent applicator tip lets you see how much serum you’re using for even distribution that won’t disturb your hairstyle. This nourishing, leave-on treatment provides instant relief to even the itchiest scalps with a cooling effect to soothe your skin after a color treatment.

For thinning hair

Rene Furterer Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Extract

Formulated with pure essential oils of orange and lavender, this rejuvenating treatment increases microcirculation for hair growth and offers a slight warming sensation to let you know that the purification process is underway. The rich, aromatic formula comes in a glass bottle with a precision applicator to strengthen hair from root to tip while enhancing the effectiveness of the other products in your routine. Massage product onto your unwashed scalp once or twice a week for an indulgent sensory experience. This is an intense treatment, so we don’t recommend it for very sensitive skin.

For dandruff and flaky scalps

Sachajuan Scalp Treatment

This leave-in scalp treatment contains the anti-fungal ingredients piroctone olamine and climbazole to break down and remove even the peskiest dandruff for clean and clear scalps. Formulated with salicylic acid, Sachajuan Scalp Treatment exfoliates away dead skin and soothes inflammation, redness, and irritation for nourished, healthier hair. To apply, section hair, massage, and leave in.

For scalps in need of clarification

R+Co Acid Wash ACV Cleansing Rinse

This lightweight clarifying treatment removes build-up from dry shampoo and other styling products, to restore hair and scalp to its naturally healthy state. Formulated with a combination of apple cider vinegar, notorious for breaking down build-up and exfoliating away flakes, and aloe vera, which soothes and nourishes, this cleansing rinse leaves hair feeling clean without stripping strands. Apply to wet hair, leave in for 1-3 minutes, and rinse.

For extremely sensitive scalps

Klorane SOS Serum with Peony

Created with sensitive scalps in mind, this leave-in treatment provides an immediate, cooling effect to relieve dry, itchy, and tight scalps. Discomfort from stress, travel, and over-styling is soothed for 24 hours, while peony extract protects against further irritation. The non-greasy, leave-in formula gently sprays from the nozzle for a refreshing mist of relief without weighing hair down. Apply on wet or dry hair as often as needed for a 7-day period.



Is Apple Cider Vinegar The Secret to Great Hair?

Photo: ©Suzanne Clements / StocksyApple cider vinegar is having a moment. As a seemingly collective obsession with natural remedies continues to thrive, ACV promises to make your skin clearer, your gut healthier, your hair shinier, and more. For hair especially, the supposed benefits of apple cider vinegar seem to be endless. But what are the actual benefits for your hair and how does science support these claims? Here’s what we found.

It promotes a healthy scalp

Apple cider vinegar is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. As it kills bacteria and fungus and prevents infection, it also eliminates common causes of dandruff, itchiness, and irritation in the scalp. Furthemore, as it balances the pH of your scalp (more on that later), it creates an unwelcoming environment for fungus and bacteria, thus preventing future irritation and itchiness.

It balances the pH of your hair

As many of us learned in chemistry class, “pH” refers to the acidity or alkalinity of a given substance. Acidity and alkalinity are determined based on a scale of 0-14, 0 being completely acidic, 7 being neutral, and 14 being completely alkaline.

The natural acidity of human hair should generally help prevent fungi and bacteria; however, many mainstream hair care products are alkaline, and actually disrupt the natural pH of hair.

Dry, dull, or brittle hair is usually more alkaline, but a little ACV can help remedy that. The acidity in apple cider vinegar works to counteract high alkalinity, lowering the pH and restoring balance to your hair and scalp.

It eliminates product buildup

Sprays, mousses, gels, conditioners and even shampoos can lead to product buildup, or residue left over in your hair and on your scalp. Product buildup then promotes dullness, flatness, and lifelessness in hair.

Luckily, apple cider vinegar contains high amounts of acetic acid, which helps eradicate product buildup and bring hair back to life.

It decreases frizz and increases shine

One of the main causes of frizzy hair is lifted hair cuticles; ACV decreases frizziness by actually smoothing down the hair cuticle, for sleeker, more tamed roots. Smoothing down the cuticle also increases your hair’s ability to reflect light, resulting in healthy-looking shine.

How to use it

Now for the fun part. Apple cider vinegar should always be diluted before use on hair. Try mixing 1 cup of water with 2-4 tablespoons of vinegar and then slowly pour the mixture over your hair, massaging it into your scalp. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse. You can experiment with different ratios of vinegar to water, depending on your hair’s specific needs.