The Sexiest Lipsticks On The Market

Most of us are lipstick monogamists. We fall hard for one particular color—and tend to stick with it. But with so many pretty shades to choose from (Urban Decay’s new Vice Liquid Lipsticks come in 30—30!—captivating colors, ranging from the subtlest of nudes to the deepest of purples), it’s time to start cheating! And according to makeup artist Melissa Walsh, each skin tone can pull off a wide range of different shades. “You can wear almost any color as long as the undertone of the shade goes with your complexion,” she says. In other words, certain lip colors have more of a blue cast to them—and are often referred to as “cool”—while others have more of a warm, yellow undertone. (Test for yourself by swiping shades on the back of your hand—you’ll notice the difference.)

Urban Decay’s Vice Liquid Lipstick line

Here, Walsh reveals how to choose a shade based on your skin color, and recommends a natural, red, berry, and an edgy, statement shade for each complexion—all from Urban Decay’s Vice Liquid Lipstick line. These waterproof lipsticks are totally smooch-proof, and for precise application, simply outline your mouth with the tip and then color in your lips once (a little goes a long way with this stuff). No blotting necessary. And of course, having healthy smooth lips to begin with is a must and knowing the rules of wearing lipstick. Let your love affair with Vice begin…


Fair Skin

Women with fair skin should look for lip colors with blue undertones that play off the pinkish or blueish undertones of their pale complexion. Walsh warns that anything too orange-y could make skin appear sallow.


  • Natural—“Trivial”
  • Red—“Tryst”
  • Berry—“Double Crossed”
  • Statement—“ZZ”

lipstick for fair skin

Medium Skin

Look for golden undertones that match the warmth of your skin. “And don’t be afraid to go really bold (think vibrant pink or purple)—bright colors can look really pretty on medium skin tones,” says Walsh.


  • Natural—“Naked”
  • Berry—“Disturbed”
  • Red—“Crimson”
  • Statement—“Crank”

medium skin lipstick

Dark Skin

If you have dark skin you can wear any undertone—lucky!—but it’s important to steer clear of anything too pale, which doesn’t tend to flatter darker skin.


  • Natural—“Amulet”
  • Red—“Rock Steady”
  • Berry—“Blackmail”
  • Statement—either go for something wild like “Time” or something really bright “Firebird.”

dark skin lipstick




We’ve all been there: It’s a scorching hot summer day at the beach and you open your makeup bag to find your lipstick covered in what looks like little beads of water. “Um, is my lipstick sweating?” you wonder. While your lipstick may seem to be comically mimicking your life at that very moment, we wanted to investigate what’s really happening to the product in these circumstances. Ahead, we spoke with L’Oréal Associate Principal Chemist Roselin Rosario about what lipstick sweat really is and whether you should be concerned about it.

What Causes Lipsticks to Sweat?

Contrary to what we thought, those little drops surrounding your bullet are not water at all. “The sweating observed in lipsticks is most likely oils from the formula slowly coming out,” says Rosario. When oils or waxes in the formula are partially compatible or not compatible, Rosario says that they will start to separate over time. A drastic change in climate may, however, bring these conditions on sooner. “The waxes require high temperature to become mobile,” she says, “but the oils do not because their physical state is liquid, which is why we see droplets coming out of the surface.” If a lipstick is prone to sweating, it will continue to do so as it ages or when it’s exposed to heat.

Are Certain Lipsticks More Likely to Sweat Than Others?

It’s difficult to tell which lipsticks might have a stronger tendency to sweat “It all comes down to the compatibility of all the components in the formula,” says Rosario. “Even a very small change in the formula can make a lipstick more disposed to sweat,.”

You Should, However, Avoid Hot Temps

Although lipsticks are built to withstand temperatures around 50°C or 122°F, it’s important to pay attention to the formula when it’s kept in high heat. “Not only can high temperature soften or melt waxes, if there are any volatile ingredients — those that might vaporize at room temperature — they will be removed from the formula, therefore changing its properties and performance,” says Rosario.

It’s also important to note that every wax has its own distinct melting temperature, and should it go beyond that degree, it will lose its shape. You can pour this melted lipstick into a container and refrigerate it back to a solid form, but Rosario notes that it will most likely not perform the same as the initial lipstick.

So, Should You Be Concerned about Lipstick Sweat?

According to Rosario, you don’t need to be worried about lipstick sweat, but you may want to pay attention to it. “If the extent of the sweating is small, the lipstick composition is only slightly changed, and you will not see any differences when you use it,” says Rosario. If the sweating seems to be extensive or there are other changes in the product — like the texture or color — Rosario’s best advice is to replace it. “Keep track of the age of your lipstick. A fresh lipstick will have a much better performance than one that’s several years old.”



As time progresses in the makeup-verse, so do products. Innovation in makeup is certainly not a new phenomena, but new product applicators certainly are. Cue: makeup sticks. We love them because they’re incredibly versatile, easy to use and have a glorious amount of pigmentation and payoff. The latest stick we simply can’t live without? Lip and cheek makeup sticks, of course. Ahead, find seven makeup sticks we love and will certainly be throwing into our makeup bags this summer — making lippie, blush (and even eye makeup!) easy and breezy during the upcoming warmer months.

Onomie Boosting Lip & Cheek Stick

The Onomie lip + cheek sticks come in a myriad of pink, brown and nude shades, and its pigment is not the only thing we love about it. It glides on super easy and pairs nicely with just about any skin tone, allowing you to create the ultimate monochromatic lip-eye-cheek combo.

Bite Beauty Multistick

If you’re looking for an everyday multistick, Bite Beauty Biscotti is the one for you. We love this for a subtle hint of mauve on your lips and cheeks. Bulk it up for a bolder look on the lips, or keep it extremely light on the apples of your cheeks for a nice flush.

YSL Baby Doll Kiss + Blush Duo Stick

The YSL Baby Doll Kiss + Blush duo stick wouldn’t be complete without its unique duo-chromed features. Each shade contains two complementary colors that can be swirled together for extra pigment or worn individually for a light pinky, nude or deep berry glow.

Milk Lip + Cheek Stick

Consistency wise, the Milk Lip + Cheek stick is definitely a star. It’s a super buildable and flexible formula, and we love swiping the dusty rose shade in Werk on our cheeks for a boost of color. Even better, this stick also comes in a deep berry — Quickie — that’s perfect for a bolder lip that can take you into the evening hours seamlessly.

NYX Professional Makeup Bright Idea Illuminating Stick

Not only does the NYX Illuminating Stick come in a variety of nude colors that we love, it comes in a bright pink called Rose Petal Pop that we’re even more excited by. We love swiping this onto our lips for a nice pinky glow, and it even looks just as lovely blended onto the face.

Nudestix All Over Face Color Matte

If there’s absolutely anything we love Nudestix for, it’s their Nudies all Over The Face Color Mattes. With just one multistick you can create an entire makeup look with eye, cheek and lip color at the drop of one applicator. Deer Maple Eh is one of our favs in this collection — it’s the perfect boho light brown that can warm up just about any complexion.

Wander Beauty Lip & Cheek Gel

For a more out of the box lip and cheek pencil/stick, we love the Carryon Lip and Cheek Gel by Wander Beauty. These are absolutely perfect for travel, as they’re super compact and contain a ton of versatile product in one, and they even come in four nice shades that represent every corner of the pink-to red-to nude rainbow.



Achieving the perfect cupid’s bow starts with a solid lip liner. From vampy red lips to a bright pink pout, lip liner lays the groundwork for whatever look you’re trying to achieve. You may think applying lip liner is a no-brainer, but if you haven’t tried our foolproof, expert-approved method, you’ve been missing out. With this beauty hack, you’ll have undeniably even application and a perfect cupid’s bow every time.


For this quick tutorial, you only need two items: lip liner and your lipstick of choice. We like Maybelline New York Lip Studio Plumper Please Lipstick in All Access and NYX Professional Suede Matte Lip Liner in Clinger.

STEP 1: Make an X

Once you locate your cupid’s bow, start at the highest point of your natural lip and draw a straight line extending down from that point. Repeat on the other side of your top lip to make an X.


STEP 2: Define the Bottom Lip

You’ll find the exact center of your bottom lip directly below the X you just created. Make the next line across that point to define your bottom lip. Starting here will ensure evenness across your lip.


STEP 3: Make Two Vs

Part your lips slightly and draw a sideways V connecting your top and bottom lip at both corners of your mouth. This will ensure that your lipstick doesn’t move past this point.


STEP 4: Connect the Lines

Use short strokes of the pencil to connect the lines you’ve made in steps one through three. For the cleanest application, angle the pencil by holding it vertically, flat against the lip, with the tip of the liner pointing upward.


STEP 5: Finish It Off and Apply Your Lipstick

Top off your perfect cupid’s bow with a swipe of lipstick or a dab of lip gloss. You’ll instantly be able to see how precise the lip color is.





Ace Your Next Interview with These 3 Easy Makeup and Hair Looks

It’s the day before your job interview. You’ve researched the company, printed out your resumes, and prepped answers to tricky questions—so now let’s decide what to do with your hair and makeup.

Showing up looking confident and put together makes for a lasting first impression, so it’s best to plan your look ahead of time. You don’t want to feel frazzled creating complicated hairstyles or makeup on the day of your interview—this is not the time to try out that intricate braided updo you saw on Pinterest!

Even if you’re reading this just hours before the big moment, these three stress-free looks will have you ready in no time so you can put your best face forward.

Look #1: Sleek Pony, Glossy Lips


A slicked back ponytail will eliminate the chance of runaway strands distracting your interviewer (and yourself!). Just part your hair, brush it back and secure with the band of your choice—feel free to show a little pizzazz with a bow or scarf-like ponytail holder. Add a little hair oil to seal your ends and a spritz of hairspray to keep flyaways in place for effortlessly classy hair.


It’s best to err on the side of minimal when it comes to interview makeup. For this look, pair your pony with lightweight foundationrosy-hued blush and a coat of volumizing mascara for 360° definition. Finish off with a mauve-pink gloss for a pop of color that pulls the look together.

Look #2: Cute Chignon & Crisp Cat Eye


This quick and easy chignon will have you looking chic without taking up the extra time you need to review your notes. Part your hair, leaving out bangs or short tendrils, and gather the remaining hair into a ponytail at the center back of your head. Twist your strands into a circular bun around your elastic and secure with bobby pins. Fluff out your bun for a more voluminous look. Finish by wrapping your bangs around a curling wand to create loose spirals great for softly framing your face.


Let your peepers do the talking with a confident cat eye that says, “I can handle anything.” Line your top lid with brown liquid liner, and wing out slightly for delicate yet determined eyes. Add a lash lifting mascarapeachy-pink blush and a neutral matte lipstick for a makeup look that means business.

Look #3: Silky Waves, Strong Brow


Make your hair shine as bright as your glowing recommendations with this simple, silky style. First, create defined ringlets with your trusty curling wand, and then comb out to loosen the tight tendrils. Finish off with a shine-inducing spray, preferably formulated with argan oil for a glossy touch that illuminates your strands.


By “strong brows,” I don’t mean the painted on kind that make you look surprised throughout the whole interview. Instead, go for clean arches that frame your eyes without shocking the hiring manager. Keep your face makeup natural with just a touch of bronzerbarely-there mascara and tinted lip balm. For your brows, turn up the volume with a tinted gel for instantly fuller strands that stay in place. Want added definition? Lightly trace your arches with a brow wax and angled brush for shapely brows that’ll give you the extra confidence you need to nail your interview.



3 Hottest Lipstick Shades for Summer 2019

You know all those bright lipsticks you keep zipped up in your makeup case all winter, patiently awaiting summer? They might need to stay in hibernation. This year, statement lips are taking a back seat as looks go au naturel.

Runway makeup is keeping lips fresh with neutral colors for a simpler take on seasonal favorites. Here are our top three lipstick options for staying on trend this season.

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Nudiste, $55

This season, strip it down with lipstick that envelopes your kisser in nothing more than a sheer, lustrous sheen. This moisture-saturated lip color enriches skin with a hydrating combination of vitamin E and shea butter for a comfortable feel. Nudiste lightly clothes lips in a warm-toned, muted coral shade to create barely-there makeup looks.

Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Crème in Au Naturel, $18

The shade name says it all. This weightless liquid lipstick infuses skin with warm, honey-beige color that won’t clash with patterned spring outfits. Enriched with vitamin E, I love how this non-drying formula glides over lips like a velvety frosting then dries down to a smooth, matte finish. Once you apply, this smudge-proof shade stays on all day so you can drink and devour your favorite treats all season long.

Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love in Berry Nude, $34

This flower-scented lip color is a must-have for your summer makeup collection. Described as a lipstick/gloss hybrid, Latex Love is formulated with emollient oils and silicone polymers that leave skin feeling plumped and hydrated. Berry Nude works like a great pair of spandex, hugging lips in a soft rosy hue that enhances your natural shape with universally flattering, neutral color and a high shine finish.


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