Why Your Body Type Gains Weight, By Life Path Number

Your body type and personality are interconnected. Here’s how.

Weight gain is something that can affect us all differently, but when we’re not expecting to see a certain number when we step on the scale, it can really crush us emotionally.

This is especially true when you’re actually trying to work out more and eat healthily.

When the scale still says that you’re gaining weight, it’s upsetting.

I was able to go more than five years without really knowing just how much I weighed until my doctor said it out loud to me a few months ago.

In my personal opinion, knowing how much I weigh and if I’ve actually gained weight just makes me feel even more like I’m failing at getting healthy, even when I remind myself that it’s a journey and that even baby steps matter.

Of course, my life path number also proves that I can be pretty emotional and get caught up in little things that I know won’t matter eventually, so clearly, these two things don’t mix well.


For the longest time, our culture has been so obsessed with health treatments and exercise and asparagus juice from Whole Foods that if you weren’t flaunting your weight loss on Instagram you were an outcast.

I like to think that we’re starting to move toward a more body-positive culture and a more wellness-centered lifestyle, but I know that takes time.

The best advice I’ve ever gotten regarding my health and wellness is to just do whatever I want and choose the things that make me feel happy and healthy, without listening to a bunch of contradicting articles and experts.

Here is why you are gaining weight (and how to lose the pounds), according to your life path number.

Life Path 1

As a 1, you’re a born leader. No matter what you do in life, you have to be number one. In addition to that, you’re also incredibly independent – you don’t often let other people tell you what to do.

Deep inside you though, beyond this confidence, is a sense of cynicism and self-doubt. You’re a deep thinker and that can put a lot of stress on you.

Once you make something like cardio or meditation a routine thing, you’ll notice yourself feeling and looking healthier.

Life Path 2

As a 2, you are very emotional and sensitive. Everything you feel, you feel in the deepest crevices of yourself – in your body, heart, and soul.

You have a tendency to cope with the ups and downs of life with bad-for-you food and empty calories.

It’s important to learn how to separate your emotions from your physical self. Otherwise, you will always turn to comfort food and alcohol when you’re sad, stressed, or frustrated.

Engaging with friends and having a support system is a great way to continue to express yourself emotionally, just in a healthier way. Additionally, finding activities that make you feel good are important.

As a 3, self-expression is very important to who you are. There isn’t a moment in your life when you wish you had said something – because you’re always looking for ways to express yourself and communicate with others.

Of course, there are certainly times when people don’t want to hear what you have to say, which can make you feel like a burden.

When you find yourself gaining weight, it could be because you’re having a hard time finding the balance between over– and under-expressing your emotional self.

There are definitely times when a support system is the best way to express how you’re feeling, but there are also times when a kickboxing class or yoga is a much better creative outlet – let yourself explore it all!

As a 4, you highly value security and stability in your life and relationships. In everything you do, you have to know that there is a certain foundation that has been set beforehand to really ensure stability.

Hey, it’s just how you roll! That said, being such a stickler for security and stability can make you pretty stubborn.

When it comes to your health, being stubborn can be a good trait (like being able to stick to a diet) or it can be a bad thing (like putting unnecessary stress on yourself to succeed).

Not only can stress affect your emotional and mental health, but it can also affect you physically, too. The key to losing weight is to find relaxing techniques that actually work for you. You won’t believe what stress-reduction practices can do for your health.

Life Path 5

As a 5, adventure and excitement are your callings. You absolutely must have the freedom to be yourself and do whatever you want, without anyone holding you back.

When this call for adventure gets too unbalanced, it can make you feel claustrophobic and trapped in or even cranky and stressed.

All of this micromanaging your life and yourself can cause serious burnout, which can lead to a whole lot of other problems besides just weight gain. Sticking to a healthy routine that you can count on every day is a great place to start.

Light cardio in the morning, a walk with friends during lunch, and a healthy dinner in the evening are all low-stress ways to stay in shape and healthy.

Life Path 6

As a 6, you are known for being very responsible. You stick to your guns, even when everyone else around you is quitting. There’s definitely something admirable about striving for perfection in everything you do.

That said, perfection can easily turn into a four-letter word when it comes to your health.

It’s easy for that perfection to get in the way of the big picture. If you find yourself feeling like the things you’re doing for your health simply aren’t enough, it might be a good idea to take a step back.

You can become overly critical of your progress when it’s more important to appreciate how far you’ve come instead of criticizing how far you have left to go. Start with baby steps and remember that you don’t have to work hard for anyone’s approval but your own.

Life Path 7

As a 7, you are a deeply spiritual person. You are always looking for the meaning of life in the activities you do and in your own self-exploration. You are a very unique person in that you have both an intuitive and analytical side.

You sometimes get too caught up in your own head to let yourself be vulnerable, which can have an effect on your weight and body image.

If you want to lose weight and get healthier, it’s important for you to embrace that vulnerable part of yourself.

It’s okay to feel lost or confused on your health journey, but what you have to stop yourself from doing is letting these conflicting emotions win and giving up.

Make it a daily practice to express yourself in a way that makes you feel good about yourself, like through meditation or a group exercise.

Life Path 8

As an 8, you believe that success is measured intangible things, like money, a cushy job, or serious weight loss. You are one of those people who never seem to give up, even if it means pushing yourself past your limits.

People who know you know that you can be a workaholic at times, and you can even be a bit aggressive when trying to prove yourself.

If you’re not careful, this aggression can lead to a lot of stress-related issues and high blood pressure. It’s important to remember that there is no competition when it comes to health.

Life Path 9

As a 9, you are very selfless. You go through life always looking for ways to help others and put your friends and family first.

This is a great trait to have, but it also means you always put yourself second, even when it’s imperative that you let yourself be selfish and put yourself first.

Even if you don‘t always realize it, you tend to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders… talk about stressful.

You need to relieve the stress of being everyone’s caretaker by employing daily exercises like yoga, meditation, and even therapy to find the support you need to be your best self.





True life: gym hair is the ultimate struggle. To all of you who make it look super easy to be chic and sweaty, kudos to you. We can’t say that we’re as lucky — we tend to side with those of you who turn to a high ponytail, messy bun or a quick braid built for convenience rather than cuteness. But as gym-lovers who also have a fiery passion for all things beauty, we realize there must be alternative gym hairstyles that are easy-ish to do and look good, even during the sweatiest of workouts. Sure, they might take you a little more time than that five-second ponytail, but you’ll feel like you achieved the hair straight out of your Pinterest dreams, which will obviously help you crush that workout.

We worked with NYC-based hairstylist Johnny Rackleff to come up with gym hairstyles for every type of workout.

For the Barre-Lover

Shed your sneakers, slip into your favorite sports bra-and-leggings combo, and then secure your hair away from your face. Instead of opting for a traditional braid, consider braiding your hair back into a messy (yet chic!) bun. To get the look at home, you’ll want to start by sectioning your hair down the middle and then clipping back one side while you work on the other. “Secure three pieces of your hair from one section and start the Dutch braid, ending at the nape of your neck,” Rackleff explains. Once that braid is complete, start on the second dutch braid on the second section of your hair. Once you have both Dutch braids, add a hair tie to secure the braids together and then make the remainder of the ponytail into a messy bun.


For the Yogi and Pilates Enthusiasts

We’re here for elevated space buns and soon enough, you will be, too. To give this look extra detail (perhaps, if you have to go straight from the gym to real-life), start by flipping your head so you’re able to start creating an upside-down French braid on the underside of your hair (pro tip: you might need some guidance from a friend the first time around). “Section your hair down the middle and then start the upside-down French braid at the nape of your neck, focusing the braid straight up toward the top of your head where you’ll create your buns,” says Rackleff. Once both braids reach the very top of your head, secure them with a hair tie to create two ponytails. From there, wrap the two ponytails into messy space buns. Finish by securing with bobby pins.


For the Long-Distance Runner or Zumba Dancer

Perfect for the long-distance runner who doesn’t want to deal with hair in her face, this simple-but-pretty French-braid ponytail will do the trick. “Start by gathering all of your hair at the back of your head and then start your French braid in the center,” Rackleff explains. “Pull from the sides to create your french braid and gather as you go down.” When your braid reaches the nape of your neck, gather the rest of the hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. To hide the elastic, “twist a section of hair around the base of the ponytail and then hold it in place as you secure it with bobbie pins.


For the Spinning Devotee

It’s time to chanel the child within who used to love to twist your hair, clip it and call it a hairstyle. In some ways, that’s exactly what you’re going to do to achieve this side-twist-meets-bun look. “Start by parting your hair down the center to form two sections,” Rackleff explains. From there, “start at the front of the first section, wrapping your hair into itself in an inward twisting motion. Once you reach the bottom of your ear, gather the rest of your hair into a bun, securing with a hair tie.” Repeat the same process with the other section of your hair and then prepare to bike your heart out. Consider pinning the twisted part of your hair if you imagine things might get a little crazy.


Photo: Chaunte Vaughn, Makeup: Ashley Rebecca, Hair: Johnny Rackleff